Makeup Course

Canvas Salon & Studio​

Unlock your inner artist with our comprehensive makeup course at Canvas Salon. Designed for beginners and makeup enthusiasts alike, our course offers an immersive learning experience that covers everything from basic techniques to advanced skills. Led by industry-leading professionals with years of experience, you’ll delve into the world of makeup artistry, mastering the art of contouring, highlighting, blending, and more.

Throughout the course, you’ll receive personalized instruction and hands-on training, allowing you to develop your skills at your own pace. From mastering the perfect winged eyeliner to creating flawless bridal looks, our curriculum is tailored to help you unleash your creativity and express your unique style.

But our course is more than just about makeup application. We also delve into topics such as skincare fundamentals, color theory, product knowledge, and client consultation techniques. With a focus on both technical proficiency and artistic expression, our goal is to empower you to become a confident and versatile makeup artist.

Our Makeup Course Deal